OBLO’ was born in Sicily.

During a hot and sultry summer afternoon Gabriele and Sergio, exhausted from the summer heat, decide to take their small boat and go for a bath in a creek not far from home.

Exhausted by a scorching sun and swimming into the crystal sea they realize to be in a wonderful place! For locals such environment is quite a standard but talking each other a wonder rise: how many tourists have the possibility to visit such places? And how many other hidden places we could show them?

The answers: NONE and COUNTLESS.

This is how this startup was born and that’s why OBLO’ see as locals.

We OBLO’ make accessible places and routes that remain outside the normal tourist routes; with us you will make experiences from locals point of view and we have the special characteristic of showing you things which exists but remains hidden !!

We are a very young team that works with the constant goal to give emotions creating added value in the area.

We carry out our activities with the utmost respect of the environment around us and we do our best to preserve it.