The services offered on the portal (hereinafter, the “website”) are offered by Oblò S.r.l. (hereinafter Oblò), with registered office in Agrigento, Via Ischia n. 9, and headquarters in Agrigento, Via Atenea n. 216, VAT n. 02831050840, legal representative p.t. owner of tour operator under license T.O DDS 1819-sg.

1. Description of service
The website provides the user (hereafter, the “user”) a wide range of tour packages and/or individual services in detail described in the appropriate sections of the same website
Each section informs the user in order to itinerary, duration, date and time, veichles, characteristics and type of transport, the departure place  and return, routes, services included, services not included, presence of guides.

2. Booking of an accommodation facility
Through the website the user can also contact and/or book the preferred accommodation, among those present on the website. In case of booking the role of Oblò is to temporarily cash the amount for the stay to guarantee the reservation made by the user and provide reservation data and details to the accommodation facility which has been selected. In this regard remains as of understood that the issue of the tax document (invoice or receipt) will be the sole responsibility of the accommodation facility itself. Oblò will remain completely extraneous to any claims, involving reciprocal rights and obligations that concern this contractual relationship and, according to the Italian law, cannot be held liable under articles. 43, 44, 45 and 47 cod. tur.

3. Personal Area
Oblò allow users to create a personal account in order to speed the checkout process services. The account creation will be through registration by the user on the website; as result the user will be provided with access credentials to the Oblò website reserved area.
It is your responsibility to ensure the safekeeping and appropriate confidentiality of credentials. You agree to notify Oblò if any unauthorized use of your account will take place. The account cannot be used for commercial purposes but only and exclusively for personal use. Oblò reserves the right to close your account at any time in its sole discretion.

4. How To Buy Packages And Single Services

4.1 the user can purchase the package and/or the individual service chosen as follows:
• online, via the website;
• at the info point of Oblò, located in Agrigento, Via Atenea n. 216;
• by telephone, providing an operator the data necessary for the purchase.

4.2 with exclusive reference to purchase online, the same can be made as follows:
a) direct purchase, with or without registration;
b) purchase via their own accommodation, where the same is affiliated with Oblò and, therefore, has the credentials to the area reserved for companies on the site.

5. Prices and Payment

5.1 the prices of package tours and/or individual services are indicated in euros and per person in its descriptions, unless differently described.
5.2 packages and/or individual services bearing the label “book now” will be available immediately, by credit card or paypal.
5.3 With reference to package tours and/or to individual services bearing the label “check availability”, payment will be made through the link provided via e-mail only after receiving written confirmation of the availability by Oblò.
Without prejudice to the preceding article 2, it is understood that purchases referred to in articles 5.2 and 5.3 will be considered validly concluded and confirmed only upon receipt by the User of the relevant invoice.

6. Termination and penalties

6.1  Users have the right to terminate this contract not later than 14 days after purchase.
Within that period, the withdrawal must be communicated by sending the withdrawal form (annexed to this agreement) by a registered letter sent at the headquarters of Oblò, in any case the form shall be sent by email to and.
6.2 The withdrawal within limits will entitle you to a refund of 100% of the price paid. In case of late cancellation and/or no show by the user, Oblò will retain the sums paid as a penalty.
6.3 The withdrawal shall not be permitted in the event that the purchase of the package and/or single service takes place in the span of time between the fourteenth working day preceding the date of the performance and the performance itself.

7. Cancellation And Changes Before Departure

7.1 Prior to departure, in the event of force majeure, unfavorable weather conditions or at least objective and unforeseen situations which require significant modifications or cancellation of the package or service purchased, Oblò will inform the user in the shortest possible time, and formulate alternative proposals, no additional burden on the user. In this case, the user will communicate to Oblò the whether it will accept or if prefer to withdraw obtaining the reimbursement of sums already paid. In the absence of a response from the user and/or in case of no show, the same shall not be entitled to any refund and/or compensation.
7.2 In different hypothesis of weather or situations involving just small changes in itinerary, but not change the type of the package or single service, you will not be entitled to ask any refund.

8. Cancellation And Changes After Departure

8.1 after departure, if an essential part of the services under the contract cannot be made, Oblò will implement alternative solutions that will not involve additional charges for the user.
8.2 If Oblò cannot propose an alternative plan or the user does not accept it for a justified reason Oblò will, where possible, provide a transportation back to the place of departure or to another agreed place and will return the difference between the foreseen cost for the services and the actual cost of the services provided until early return.
8.3 cancellations for non-adherence of the minimum number of participants can be applied by Oblò at any time.

9. Claims and Complaints

Any complaint concerning the service performed by Oblò must be contested by the user promptly and in any case, even if cause of cancellation of the same even in relation to the purposes of art. 1227 of the civil code (Italian law), so that Oblò personnel can find a timely remedy.

10. Liability for Personal Injury

Damage caused to the person, from the failure or improper performance of the touristic package, is refundable in accordance with the rules laid down by the international conventions (to which Italy belongs) which is governing individual services that are the subject of the package as transposed into the Italian legal system.

11. Liability for Damage Other Than to the Person

In case of any damage other than to the person, resulting from failure to perform or improper performance of due service, its compensation will be equal to the minimum amounts provided for by the international conventions to which Italy has acceded and in line with the provisions of art. 1783 and 1784 c.c. (Italian law).

12. Liability

12.1 Oblò, including its staff, it cannot be held accountable pursuant to arts. 43, 44 and 45 cod. Tur (Italian law), when the failure or improper performance of the contract is attributable to user’s conduct (think – as example only – to any initiatives independently undertaken by the user in the course of services provided and executed by Oblò) or is depended on action by a third party (other user and not), from circumstances extraneous to the contract, fortuitous events, force majeure or circumstances which ordinary diligence, according to Oblò professionality, could not reasonably foresee or resolve.
12.2 Oblò, including its staff, thereabouts promptly any useful remedy to support the user allowing him the proper use of the package/service, did however reserve the right to compensation in cases where the incorrect performance of the contract is attributable to the user.

13. Assignment of contract

The user may not assign to third parties the package and/or the individual service purchased without the prior consent received by Oblò in writing to follow the written request sent by the user not later than 4 (four) working days from the date of use of the package or service purchased.

14. Compulsory Insurance and Other Policies

Oblò declares to have taken out insurance to cover potential damage of articles. 44, 45 and 47 cod. tur. (Italian law)

15. Place of Jurisdiction
For any disputes arising concerning the interpretation and/or execution of this contract, shall be the Court of Agrigento.

• I Accept the terms of contract listed above □

Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles. 1341 and 1342 c.c. (Italian law), the user declares to understand and accept the clauses of articles of  general terms and conditions of contract Nos.:
-6 (termination and criminal)
-7 (cancellation and variations prior to departure)
-8 (cancellation and variations after departure)
-9 (complaints)
-10 (Liability for personal injury)
-11 (liability for damage other than to the person)
-12 (liability)
-15 (jurisdiction)

•  I accept the provisions contained in articles 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 15 of  general terms and conditions of contract □